Monday, May 19, 2008

Tessy Thomas, Project Director of Agni III project

Tessy Thomas who is been appointed as Project Director for developing the advanced version of Agni II missile. Tessy earlier has worked as Assistant Project Director in successful launch of Agni III Interballistic missile with 3500 range on May 7.

In a significant move, Dr Tessy Thomas, one of the around 200 women scientists and technicians working for the DRDO, has been cleared to be appointed to the post of Project Director of the upgraded version of the 2000 km-long nuclear capable Agni-II missile.

After completing B.Tech from Thrissur Engineering College, Kozhikode, and an M.Tech in Guided Missile from Pune.

Ms Thomas 45 belongs to Alleppey in Kerala and joined Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) as scientist in 1988. India's missile woman has also worked with the missile man of India , Dr Abdul Kalam the former president of India.

Tessy Thomas indicates emerging women power in national advance technologies.

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