Monday, May 19, 2008

Post office box in physics lab (Wheatstone Bridge)

The Wheatstone Bridge that some of us remember is a box of plugs like the one at the left at the Garland Collection of Classical Physics Apparatus at Vanderbilt University.
The bridge is by James W. Queen of Philadelphia, and is listed in the 1888 catalogue as "Set of Resistance coils, with bridge, battery ken and Galvanometer key, old Post-office pattern, the wire of platinum alloy ... $208.00."
In Great Britain, the telegraph system was controlled by the Post Office, and hence the name "Post-Office Box" for the instrument developed to make resistance measurements with the system.
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Today One of my friend was saying about the "post office box" in physics lab. I can't remember this item. after a long search I found this one. is this item is called the post office box? please help me.

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