Monday, May 19, 2008

Sonia Gandhi in Advertisement - BJP opposes.

Saying it was against rules, India's main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Monday urged the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) to not use the photographs of Congress president Sonia Gandhi in its advertisements.

“Sonia Gandhi is not part of the UPA government and so her photographs should not be used in advertisements put up by the government,” BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters here.

BJP on Monday demanded immediate removal of Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s photographs from government advertisements, saying the “improper and unjustifiable practice” should be stopped.

As per Indian Express “In this election year, the government must not be allowed to continue with the corrupt practice aimed at providing unfair media advantage to the Congress president,” he (BJP spokesperson Ravi Shanker Prasad ) said. BJP on Monday demanded immediate removal of Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s photographs from government advertisements, saying the “improper and unjustifiable practice” should be stopped.

As per my openion BJP is correct. Congress should stop this, if they are ready to face the Election. This is just a .publicity blitz. Why waste public money for a political party's benifits?

Santosh Madhavan aka Amrutha Chaithanya

സന്തോഷ് മാധവന്‍ (സ്വാമി അമൃത ചൈതന്യ )

Santosh Madhavan born in Kattappana, Idukki.
He is the first Malayalee criminal under GOD-MAN skin to go international.

Santhosh madhavan - wedding photos

Santosh Madhavan is the new sensation in Kerala. He is also known as Swami Amrutha Chaithanya.

The Kerala Police has arrested godman Swami Amritha Chaithanya alias Santosh Madhavan. Santosh Madhavan, who was wanted by Interpol, was arrested near Kochi. A Dubai-based Indian busiiness woman, Serafin Edwin, had accused him of cheating her with Rs 40 lakh way back in 2003.

The report says that Madhavan & his accomplice had invested crores of rupees in real estate in Kerala & built up a network of influential friends & well-wishers.
Anyway, The Controversial Kerala god man Swami Amritananthachaithanya alias Santhosh Madhavan was Tuesday (13.05.08) arrested and charged with three offenses, including rape of a teenager.Inspector General of Police Vincent M. Paul told reporters that three cases have been filed against Santhosh Madhavan and his driver Thomas.He added that Madhavan has also been charged with possessing 'ganja' (marijuana) while the forest department has registered a case against him for keeping a tiger skin.It is reported that a large number of pornographic films were also recovered from his flat here.

The photographs shown here is from a forwarded e-mail.

Mahatma Gandhi University - off campuss centre at Dubai

I studied in Mahatma Gandhi University.

The Mahatma Gandhi University (formerly Gandhiji University), with B+ accreditation of National Assessment and Accreditation Council, was established on 2nd October 1983, as the fifth University in the Southern most State of Kerala,India.

For UAE Students there is a off campus centre for MG University. The fact that Dubai Knowledge Village, aptly reckoned as Middle East's Centre of Excellence, has become the home of Off-Campus Center of Mahatma Gandhi University is no coincidence.

You can contact off campus centre

Block #3 , Dubai Knowledge Village
Tel : 04-390 2981 / 82 Fax : 04-366 4661E-mail :

For more details you can go to the website of MG University off-campus centre

Post office box in physics lab (Wheatstone Bridge)

The Wheatstone Bridge that some of us remember is a box of plugs like the one at the left at the Garland Collection of Classical Physics Apparatus at Vanderbilt University.
The bridge is by James W. Queen of Philadelphia, and is listed in the 1888 catalogue as "Set of Resistance coils, with bridge, battery ken and Galvanometer key, old Post-office pattern, the wire of platinum alloy ... $208.00."
In Great Britain, the telegraph system was controlled by the Post Office, and hence the name "Post-Office Box" for the instrument developed to make resistance measurements with the system.
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Today One of my friend was saying about the "post office box" in physics lab. I can't remember this item. after a long search I found this one. is this item is called the post office box? please help me.

Tessy Thomas, Project Director of Agni III project

Tessy Thomas who is been appointed as Project Director for developing the advanced version of Agni II missile. Tessy earlier has worked as Assistant Project Director in successful launch of Agni III Interballistic missile with 3500 range on May 7.

In a significant move, Dr Tessy Thomas, one of the around 200 women scientists and technicians working for the DRDO, has been cleared to be appointed to the post of Project Director of the upgraded version of the 2000 km-long nuclear capable Agni-II missile.

After completing B.Tech from Thrissur Engineering College, Kozhikode, and an M.Tech in Guided Missile from Pune.

Ms Thomas 45 belongs to Alleppey in Kerala and joined Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) as scientist in 1988. India's missile woman has also worked with the missile man of India , Dr Abdul Kalam the former president of India.

Tessy Thomas indicates emerging women power in national advance technologies.

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