Saturday, July 10, 2010

WORLD CUP 2010 - Predictions by Octopus and Parrot

PAUL OCTOPUS - Saying it will be SPAIN

The psychic ring-necked parakeet from Singapore has also been predicting the outcome of the World Cup matches. Unlike the psychic octopus from Germany, the bird picks the Dutch to win on Sunday.
The parakeet named Mani made his prediction for the World Cup championship game by coming out of his cage and grabbing one of the two cards lying face-down in front of him. The card he chose held the flag of the Netherlands.

MANI- Saying it will be HOLLAND

First time in history, octopus and parrot predictions have given new turning point to FIFA 2010. Is it match going between Spain vs The Netherlands or match between Paul Octopus vs Mani Parrot? People all over the world are more interested in creatures than 11 players. None the less two different predictions have made watching the final between these two teams even more interesting. Paul Octopus of German is being challenged by Mani Parrot of Singapore.

Like Paul, 13 years old Mani has become a local celebrity. His owner 80 years old M.Muniyappan, a fortune teller claimed that Mani usually forecasting future, lottery numbers, and when to get marriage etc. Mani has accurately forecast the World Cup’s four quarterfinal games and Spain's victory over Germany. However, this is the first time Mani has attempted to forecast the outcome of sports competitions. He is special bird and people even respect him.

However, Mani’s 100% correct predictions for the FIFA 2010 were never publicised while millions of fans have seen Paul picking the winner on different media. Paul had also worked as a psychic during the Euro championship two years ago when it famously made a wrong prediction by picking Germany to beat Spain. Paul has got support from Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriquez Zapatero, who has joked he will provide Paul with a team of bodyguards

Whom would you believe? Paul or Mani?