Friday, June 27, 2008

The controversial pages of Kerala 7th Standard text book

Page No 24 of the controversial 7th Standard Social Studies text book of kerala Education syllabus - "Life without Religion" . You can see the The English Transilation below. 25th Page of Social studies
Page number 26 of kerala Social Studies page number 27 of kerala 7th std social studies text book . in which there is a question for the children to thing and write
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Q : Which religion will be the most affected people with the following crisis.
1. Rising Expence ........... 2. Drinking Water Crisis
3. Epidemics .................... 3. Earth Quake
the foolish peoples who doesn't know the simple answer of this question, making this portion as
the portion for making the children "an atheist".
the children who read this will give you the simple answer " this problem is not affecting a purticular religion but will affect all the peoples in that region"

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LIFE without Religion

The lesson is set in a school room where two parents and their kid meet the Headmaster for school admission. The Headmaster fills in the forms,

Headmaster: “What is your name?”

Headmaster: “Nice…father’s name?”
“Anwar Rasheed”

Headmaster: Mother’s name?”
“Lakshmi Devi”

The Principal looks at the parents

Headmaster: “What should I fill in for the kid’s religion?”
Parents : “Keep it blank…or else add No Religion”

Headmaster: “Caste”
Parents : “not needed”

The Principal leans back on his chair and asks solemnly

Headmaster: “What if he wants a religion when he grows up?”
Parents : “If he wants a religion when he grows up, he can choose the one he likes then”
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Below is a quote from the blog of 'Anchalkkaran' which i am fully agreed with the views.

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